Nina Roberts Counsellor in Surbiton, Kingston, Surrey

How will Therapy help?

People come to see me for a range of different reasons. It may be that...

  • You are experiencing an immediate crisis in your life such as bereavement, job loss or the end of a relationship
  • You may be having difficulty with negative thoughts and feelings about the present, past or future
  • You may be having a difficult time with relationships
  • You may feel a lack of direction and difficulty finding a meaning for life
  • You may be feeling stressed or confused at work
  • You feel overwhelmed by the pressures and stresses of life
  • You have low self esteem and feel a loss of confidence

I work with all personal and employment related issues including:

Relationships, abuse, addictions, anxiety, bereavement, depression, low self confidence, low self esteem, post natal depression, sexuality, stress, termination/abortion.

What Therapy Offers
A safe, confidential, non judgemental environment where you can explore the options you have in your life and help make sense of your thoughts and feelings. It will help you to see things more clearly and so enable you to discover your true potential.

This will help you to choose how to move your life forward in a more fulfilling way.